Flags in file patterns given to expand() are invalid.

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Issue #1281 resolved
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I'm trying to run some of my old code (an example is provided below), but since upgrading to version 5.6, it doesn't seem to work anymore. I receive the following error message:

Flags in file patterns given to expand() are invalid. Flags (e.g. temp(), directory()) have to be applied outside of expand (e.g. 'temp(expand("plots/{sample}.pdf", sample=SAMPLES))').

Rule checkme uses the rule.rule_name.output syntax and that seems to cause problems (that rule is not needed per se and it's added just to test the rule.rule_name.output syntax):

# using dictionary expansion

'apple': 'crunchy fruit',
'banana': 'mushy and yellow'

rule all:
        expand('{key}.sh', key=mydictionary.keys())

rule test:
    output: temp('{f}.txt')
        keyval=lambda wildcards: mydictionary[wildcards.f]
        echo {params.keyval} > {output}
        cat {output}

rule test2:
    input: rules.test.output
    output: temp('{f}.sh')
    shell: "touch {output}"

rule checkme:
    input: expand(rules.test2.output, f=mydictionary.keys())

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  1. Johannes Köster

    Thanks for reporting and the nice example. I have added it as a test case. Everything should be fixed now in master.

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