When function is used as input parameter, -n does not show all dependent files

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Issue #34 resolved
Feng Jianxing created an issue

Here is the code:

def tf(wildcards):
    return ['fileB', 'fileC']

rule rA:
    input: tf #'fileA'

rule rB:
    input: 'fileB', 'fileB'
    output: 'fileA'
    version: "" + os.path.getmtime("markfile")
    shell: """
           echo {input} >> log
           echo {output} >> log
           touch fileA

rule rC:
    input: 'fileC'
    output: 'fileB'
    shell: 'touch fileB'

Execute 'snakemake -n', get:

rule rC:
        input: fileC
        output: fileB
rule rA:
        input: fileB

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