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Mattias de Hollander created an issue

It is possible to get the status of a running pipeline? I tried this with the API, but then I get a message that the lock file can not be created because something is already running in that directory (which is true). Or is it possible to specify a file where the status of the current pipeline executing is written to?

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  1. Mattias de Hollander reporter

    I was thinking of a situation where snakemake can be used in a web-interface, where you start an analysis with certain parameters and then during the execution get status updates like running, completed or failed. This would be more suitable for end users without command line skills

  2. Johannes Köster

    There is a basic web interface available (see --gui). It is backed by a REST API which provides such status information. I would be very happy to see this extended or generalized. Please let me know if that suits your needs.

  3. Yeung Hao

    Hello,johannes, How to get the status of a certain JOB(a.k.a RULE ) when the pipeline is running? running?success(done)?failed?


    JOB = job.get(jobid=51)

    print JOB.status()

    in fact,i’m doing a WEB project,first generate DAG (dot scripts,and render by D3.js),but there’s no status color in snakemake --dag.

    can you tell me how to get status of a certain job?


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