Pull sheet rejects paths with spaces in them

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I'm sure I must do something wrong, because Push/Pull don't work at all for me!

When I enter or select the path for my "central repository" (it's in a dropbox folder but I don't think it could have an effect), and click the push or pull button, I just have one Beep, nothing more...

If I type hg push "/The/long/way to/my path" in Terminal, it works.

I don't think that it's because there are some spaces in some folder names in my path??

I use Murty 0.6.2

Thanks, Frederic

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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner
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    Spaces in paths are OK; but don't escape them with backslashes or quotes. Just give the exact path.

    Could you look in Console.app for any error messages that may have been logged?

  2. Jens Alfke repo owner

    By gosh, you're right -- if you type a space in a path, then it just beeps when you press the Pull button. That's definitely wrong; I'll have a look.

  3. Frederic reporter

    Thanks Jens, That's working fine.

    BTW, congratulations for this very useful software (and congratulations to Benjamin Bock, Peter Hosey, Ryan Wilcox and aias2)!

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