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Issue #12 duplicate
Bill Garrison
created an issue

Display the branch name associated with a changeset in the master table.

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  1. Ryan Wilcox

    I like putting it in the changeset description.

    What about also putting this in, say, the Rev. column for the not-yet-committed sandbox? So it would say:

    Rev current/named-branch-1

    Alternatively, it could go next to the Filename description in the file-browser on the left. (Which I think I like better: more space)

    Filename (on: 'named-branch-1') (Outline view of file hierarchy)

  2. Ringo De Smet

    The branch name in a separate branch column would be a good start, however I would much more prefer that the branch lines in the graph column are colored per branch. You only have to add a color index somewhere in a small part of the window instead of on every entry in the list. For instance:

    • default = black
    • rel1.5 = red
    • rel1.6 = green

    This approach would easily help out distinguishing diverges on the same branch from different named branches.

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