textmate as editor hardcoded - allow for other preferences

Issue #13 resolved
Dominik Wagner
created an issue

i alread implemented a fix for this in the attached bundle. add as many choices as you like, my addition was SubEthaEdit (obviously ;) )

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  1. Silas Baronda

    This is getting better but still needs some work. What I think should happen is that you go to preferences and click browse, you then are presented with an open modal window which you can browse to your favorite text editor and select it. You shouldn't have a predetermined drop menu of text editors unless Murky is intelligent enough to gather what applications are capable text editors, even then I don't think it is a good idea.

    I will leave this ticket as resolved since it is your application and you get the final choose.

  2. Peter Hosey

    This specific problem (TextMate hard-coded) *is* resolved, although I agree that the UI for changing the editor pref has much improvement.

    My current plan is to change the pop-up to be fed by lists of apps obtained from LS—first those that can open .diff, then .patch, then .txt. I haven't tried it yet; it may not work as well as I hope.

    Right now, I'm working on #20.

  3. Silas Baronda

    I'm not really sure why we even need to select an app, unless it is for the diff. Reason is because when I double click a file in the file browser pane Mukry treats it like a Finder window and opens it in its preferred app. After setting up my .py files to open in MacVim everything works as should. I just double click in the Murky file pane and the file gets loaded into MacVim. So my guess is that this ticket isn't for this issue but for another issue dealing with the diffs and the patches? I never had Textmate installed so I always got presented with the Filemerge app.

  4. Peter Hosey

    Silas: We're talking about the Diff command. That opens a .diff file; on my system, at least, there's no app that claims to be able to open it. And FileMerge can't open it at all: It does not support reading differences already created, only creating them on demand from two whole files.

  5. Jens Alfke repo owner

    We could get rid of the need for this at all, by making Murky open diffs itself. It just requires a window with an NSTextView, and ideally some simple coloring to highlight the changed/inserted/deleted lines.

  6. erikprice

    I like that Murky opens patchfiles in my text editor rather than in some inflexible custom view, especially when files are larger and I want to take advantage of the editor's superior search/navigation capabilities. But I suppose I can always fall back to copy/paste or the command line if the decision is made to use a custom view; especially since I'm a pretty typical user, and the "Compare" command is more useful to me than having the ability to "Diff" a patchfile. (In fact I'm kind of surprised that the Diff/"view a patchfile" functionality earned such a prominent place in the Murky UI.)

    However, currently it doesn't appear that Murky can be used to do comparisons or open patchfiles across nonconsecutive revisions. There is commented-out code (in RepoController.m#getSelectedRevisionsOld:andNew:) that suggests it might be added in the future, and if so, would this feature affect how one answers Peter's question regarding how best to open/view a patchfile?

  7. erikprice

    I guess I inferred a question from your reply to Silas. It seemed like the long-term solution for deciding what editor should be used to open/view patchfiles was left undecided, but maybe I'm mistaken.

  8. Peter Hosey

    The editor to use is the one the user selected. The only thing to do now is to offer more choices for the user to select, and filter through the set of applications available on the user's system.

  9. Anonymous

    I've only just discovered Murky and I'm liking it very much, but I wanted to set my default editor to Coda. Just in case it's not obvious to anyone, the following command in the terminal will do that:

    defaults write com.mooseyard.Murky PreferredTextEditorID com.panic.Coda

    replace the last part with the defaults domain of your own preference. This is normally the name of the application's preferences file, or you can scan the full list by typing "defaults domains" on the command line.

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