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"Merging may be required" always popping up

Anonymous created an issue

(This is in 0.8.1)

After a pull, the "Merging may be required" dialog always pops up; even if there is nothing to pull down.

Our repository has 2 named branches and we actually want to keep it that way so this dialog box is actually annoying.

From canMergeWithRevision, in http://bitbucket.org/snej/murky/changeset/6aefe80b3dd9

return heads.count == 2 && [heads containsObject:_uncommittedRevision.parent];

I noticed this is the logic that determines if the merge dialog box should be popped up or not.

Some possible solutions:

  • I am wondering if we can add a check to see if the number of branches in addition to the number of heads. If there are 2 heads and 2 explicit branches, then we actually don't want to merge.

  • Or we can make configure Murky to not do the check all the time.

The canMergeWithRevision code as is is technically correct, but the dialog box is confusing for some of our users who thought that there was a bug.

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