[DANGEROUS] Remove button deletes files without throwing them to the Trash

Issue #157 resolved
Takeshi Miyagawa
created an issue

When pressing the Remove button, the selected files are deleted without any further way of recovering them from the Trash nor another way.

This is pretty dangerous if you mistakenly selected a file with changes, because you lost all the changes before committing.

An "Undo last change" function would be good, but it'll take more time to implement I guess.

(Just for the record: I've loosen hours of work because of this issue.)

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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner
    • changed status to open

    That's Mercurial doing it, not Murky. Murky doesn't perform any file operations directly, it just invokes Mercurial — in this case, the "hg rm" command. So you'd get the same behavior if you were using Mercurial (or any other version control system) from the command line.

    It would be possible for Murky to move the files to the Trash itself, and then call "hg rm -A". That would be a decent enhancement, but the current behavior isn't a bug.

  2. Takeshi Miyagawa reporter

    Yes, I agree it's not a bug. Despite the feeling of danger you have if you know that you cannot undo a simple delete it's pretty tough.

    For the record, Versions presents a dialog box with the following message:

    'file.ext' has local modifications. The Delete action you were trying to perform failed.

    along with 2 buttons "Force Delete" and "Close".

    I personally wouldn't care if it's a Force Delete dialog box, an Undo/Redo command system, or a Move to the Trash action.

    For the moment, whatever is faster to implement would be a progress (you know, when you actually loose work hours is easy to get emotional). I guess the "Move files to the Trash" and then call "hg rm -A" action is the easier one.

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