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Issue #171 resolved
J. Pablo Fernández
created an issue


Can you add terminal integration to Murky? That would be, installing a binary so that I can run it inside a repo in the terminal and it'll open murky with that repo. This is something that GitX have and I use all the time and love. TextMate also implemented it.


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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner

    I think this has come up before … you don't need any special tool; just put the following in your shell's init script:

    alias murky open -a Murky

    Then you can enter "murky /Code/MyProject" or "murky .".

  2. J. Pablo Fernández reporter

    Hello Jens,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I would still considering adding for the ignorant people like myself that don't know how to create an alias (or actually, what to alias) and end up thinking that another thing is better because it has terminal integration.

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