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Issue #18 resolved

graph column not updated after pull+update

Benjamin Bock
created an issue

After pulling (and updating) the graph in the 2nd column was not updated (the newer part just stayed empty). After closing and reopening the project everything was fine.

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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner

    This was nasty. All along I had noticed some intermittent issues with the table view getting confused after the revision list changed, but I hadn't debugged it. Now it's fixed. I should've known better than to use a mutable array for an immutable public property!

  2. Peter Hosey

    There's nothing wrong with using a mutable array; you just have to use your own indexed accessors to mutate the array, instead of talking to the array directly. For example, [self insertObject:_uncommittedRevision inRevisionsAtIndex:[self countOfRevisions]];. KVO will override these methods and post the right notifications for free.

    The accessors, for their part, can talk to the array directly and do not need to explicitly post KVO notifications.

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