Very slow performance when committing

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Blake Williams
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I'm really really so very sorry that this is the best description I can give of the problem at this point, but I'm noticing that Murky up to and including 0.8.3 has become slower and slower with each commit on a particular repository. I have one repository with 200 or so revisions that I notice no problem with, but the other one which has about 450 has made Murky virtually unusable, with commits taking between 3 and 15 seconds.

Is there some way I can find some more information to help actually find this issue?

Once again, I sincerely apologise for the crappiness of my description of the problem.

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  1. Blake Williams reporter

    I've actually reached a point with this particular repository where it now has about 750 changesets and all kinds of things are causing the beach ball - selecting lists of files in the bottom left pane, sorting the changeset list, even resizing the panes... what can I do to help diagnose this?

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