Projects window is non-functioning

Issue #21 resolved
Peter Hosey
created an issue

You can add new items to the list using the + button, but you can't edit them, nor is it clear what they're supposed to be.

If I drag the proxy icon from a repository window, Murky highlights the view to indicate it will accept the drag, but it does not actually change anything when I drop.

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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner
    • changed status to open

    The items are folders, for grouping repos into projects.

    Dragging a repo into the projects window used to work; something must've broken...

  2. Daniel Thorpe

    What would be handy, would be if you could drag any folder onto the Projects window, and Murky would add that folder as a "Project" and list any repositories under that exist in the folder. At the moment, it seems like the drop target will only accept folder that contain a .hg/ in them.

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