Pop-up menu in the push/pull dialogs

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Peter Hosey
created an issue

I propose that every dialog that asks for a repository URL or path should have a pop-up menu for easy selection of known repositories.

The pop-up should have a menu item for every open repository (except the one hosting the sheet), plus a menu item for every repository in the [paths] section of the net .hgrc.

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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Good idea.

    I'd also like a way to change the default URL for push/pull operations: Murky reads it from the [paths] section of hgrc, but it doesn't have any code to change it. A "Make this the default" checkbox in the push/pull sheet would be nice.

  2. Peter Hosey reporter
    1. Fork the original.
    2. Clone your fork.
    3. Make fixes/improvements and commit them to your clone of your fork.
    4. Push them to your fork.
    5. When done, send a pull request to the owner of the original.

    So far, you appear to be doing it right. ☺

  3. Jens Alfke repo owner

    Thanks, Nicholas! I've pulled in your changes.

    I'll leave this bug open, because there's more we can do to populate the list in the combo box. (For example, find all repos in the Projects tree that share a base revision with this one.)

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