Keep outline view when unmodified files are hidden

Issue #6 open
Peter Hosey
created an issue

Currently, Murky switches to a flat list when hiding unmodified files. I don't believe this side-effect is beneficial. It should preserve the outline nature of the list; the only difference from the show-unmodified view is that it should hide unmodified files and folders that contain no modified files.

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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I actually really like the flat list — it lets me easily see just which files are changed, without any extra visual noise. (And it looks like the "hg status" output.)

    Which is not to invalidate your opinion. Maybe there should be three views?

  2. Peter Hosey reporter

    Sounds good. Perhaps kill off the toolbar item (which would invalidate #5) and move the status view into a tab view. The first tab would host the outline view and have a checkbox toggling unmodified files; the second tab would have the plain status output.

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