Race Condition - Hang

Issue #69 resolved
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On our large repository, waitTillFinishedInMode wasn't checking the result of the runLoop. If the runLoop finished before the check the code would spin, allocating NSDate's until it ran out of memory.

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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner
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    By coincidence I just saw this for the first time this morning. Did you just upgrade to 10.6, too? I've never run into this before. I'm debugging it ... I think there may be an issue with NSTask failing to report that the task has exited.

  2. Jens Alfke repo owner

    Bitbucket's giving me a 404 trying to get the attachment, unfortunately.

    I just pushed up a patch of my own. It keeps the runloop from spinning at high speed, and also tries to detect whether the task exited without posting its notification, which is what seems to be causing the problem.

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