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Issue #7 resolved

"Merge" command

Jens Alfke
repo owner created an issue

Murky doesn't have any way to do an "hg merge", which is often necessary after pulling from another repo, if there are conflicts.

This probably doesn't require its own menu command; maybe after doing a pull, Murky could notice that there are conflicts and pop up a panel asking if you want to merge.

The problematic part might be the user interaction as hg runs editors to let you fix the conflicts. It's sort of a modal process, and might have problems either technically or from a UI perspective.

Comments (13)

  1. trijezdci

    How does the toolbar item "Merge Repository" work? It seems always greyed out, no matter what the situation is.

    I made a change to file1 in my local repo, after that somebody else added file2 at the remote repo, then I pulled the remote repo, now I am unable to push my change (adding file1) to the remote repo because the two changes have not been merged. However, I cannot do any merge because the Merge Repository icon is greyed out, thus inactive. When is this supposed to become active? Or is this just a blank icon with no functionality behind it yet?

    thanks in advance

  2. Jens Alfke reporter

    The command isn't implemented yet, although the artist felt inspired to make an icon for it.

    You'll need to use the "hg merge" command from a shell. Murky is definitely not a complete replacement for the command line; it just provides a friendly interface to a number of common operations.

  3. Jens Alfke reporter
    • Added support for merging (fixes #7).
    • Window title-bar icon indicates whether working tree is modified or a merge.
    • Fixed: graph column wasn't updating in some cases where the list of revisions didn't change (fixes #77).
    • Fixed: file status icons sometimes didn't update.
    • Fixed: status sometimes wouldn't refresh after changes were noticed in the '.hg' directory.
    • Fixed: directory-change watcher would miss changes that happened while a modal alert was onscreen. [This fix depends on a corresponding change in MYUtilities.]
    • Fixed: localized strings never got updated because Localize.py wasn't running genstrings correctly.
    • Bumped version to 0.8.


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