Issue #77 resolved

Graph view needs to refresh on update

Eric Wing
created an issue

I got in a situation where my repository needed to run hg update without pulling from Murky. (Did a bunch of stuff on the command line.)

When running update through Murky, I noticed the graph view did not refresh to reflect the state. Closing and reopening the Murky window would force it to refresh, but it should just update.

Also, I noticed the same problem if I updated from the command line. The graph view did not update. Since I've seen Murky catch other changes and dynamically update presumably through the FSEvents notifications, it would be nice if it could handle this case too.

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  1. Jens Alfke repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I found a bug that prevented the graph from updating in some cases (if the set of revisions hadn't changed, but their status had, i.e. if you start a merge or update to a different revision.) That may well have been causing what you saw.

  2. Jens Alfke repo owner
    • Added support for merging (fixes #7).
    • Window title-bar icon indicates whether working tree is modified or a merge.
    • Fixed: graph column wasn't updating in some cases where the list of revisions didn't change (fixes #77).
    • Fixed: file status icons sometimes didn't update.
    • Fixed: status sometimes wouldn't refresh after changes were noticed in the '.hg' directory.
    • Fixed: directory-change watcher would miss changes that happened while a modal alert was onscreen. [This fix depends on a corresponding change in MYUtilities.]
    • Fixed: localized strings never got updated because wasn't running genstrings correctly.
    • Bumped version to 0.8.


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