Easy way to open Xcode projects

Issue #79 resolved
Eric Wing
created an issue

Since Murky is a Mac centric front-end, it would be nice if there was an easy way to open up Xcode projects from the Murky interface. This could be something as simple as a double-click or contextual menu item when clicking on an Xcode project in the browser pane. Though I understand this might be a little haphazard since the pane is intended for revision history, so a better idea is probably needed.

But I find that I usually launch Murky and my specific hg project, then have to reveal in Finder, and then find my Xcode project and double-click it. It seems this workflow could be optimized significantly.

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  1. Bill Garrison

    Double-clicking on any file in the browser pane causes a launch from Finder, but doing that on a directory just gets you a system beep. Seems like double-clicking on an .xcodeproj could ask Finder to open that file package. The same behavior should also be applied to IB file packages.

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