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Jens Alfke
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Murky's poor toolbar has no icons. I have a big icon collection I've collected over the years, but last I checked I didn't have any that were specialized enough for version-control concepts. Maybe someone could draw new ones, or adapt some existing ones (whose licenses support derivative works)?

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  1. Jens Alfke reporter

    Great! The toolbar icons just need to be 32x32; they get scaled down automatically for the 'small icon' size.

    Have you used Interface Builder? You can try out your icons by adding them to the Repo.xib nib, then opening the window's toolbar and setting the icon for each item.

    If you don't feel comfortable adding the icons to the Xcode project and the repository, I can do that if you send them to me.

  2. Anne K. Halsall

    I have some experience designing toolbar icons for Mac OS X and would be happy to contribute as well. I'm comfortable in Xcode & Interface Builder so that shouldn't be a problem.

  3. Justin Morris

    Heh he, no probs - at the moment im working off this list of required icons:

    • Hide unmodified
    • compare
    • diff
    • commit (done)
    • commit all (done)
    • add (done)
    • remove (done)
    • push (done)
    • pull (done)

    Do you have plans to add any further toolbar items that I should look at doing? Should I just shoot you updated *.xib's or would you just prefer the raw icons...?

  4. Jens Alfke reporter

    Ideally you would send me a pull-request from a forked repo that has the icons and modified .xib's. That lets me be maximally lazy =)

    But alternatively you could just send me the icon files and modified .xib's and I could put them into my repo. I wouldn't mind. Thanks!

  5. Jens Alfke reporter

    OK, Justin, I've pulled in your icons and they look great!

    There was one problem: you need to add icon files to the Xcode project — if you don't do that, they don't get built into the app. And since there are a number of icon files now, I moved them into a Resources/Icons subdirectory to keep things from getting cluttered. I've pushed a new version with those fixes.

    Re. additional icons — ideally I'd like to have icons for all the applicable menu commands (except the obvious standard ones like Close/Undo/etc.) It's always been a pet peeve of mine that every app has commands I use a lot but can't put in the toolbar; so I'd like to put my money where my mouth is and have toolbar/menu parity in Murky.

    Currently the commands I need to add toolbar items for are:

    • Discard Changes
    • View Revision
    • Clone Repo To
    • Reveal in Finder
    • Refresh

    (Sort of in order of importance.) So it would be awesome if you could make icons for those...

  6. Justin Morris

    Hey Jens,

    Oh sorry about that - I'm still pretty new with Xcode, will make sure I properly add them in future! :) Glad they are ok - some of them were a bit quick, as I wanted them to be available for you if you wanted them before you released the binary...

    There are a few that I'll go back and look at, but I will certainly just keep adding icons to my fork and making them available for you as I get to them! :)

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