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//  URLFormatter.h
//  Murky
//  Copyright 2008-2009 Jens Alfke. All rights reserved.

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

/** An NSFormatter for NSURL objects.
    It formats a file: URL as a plain path, other URLs in absolute form, and nil as an empty string.
    It intelligently parses user-entered URLs, turning absolute paths into file: URLs,
    or adding a missing "http" prefix if necessary.
    It also allows you to pop up a file picker, whose result will be entered as a path. */
@interface URLFormatter : NSFormatter
    NSArray *_allowedSchemes;

@property (copy,nonatomic) NSArray *allowedSchemes;

+ (void) beginFilePickerFor: (NSTextField*)field;
+ (void) beginNewFilePickerFor: (NSTextField*)field;