Murky is a GUI client app for the Mercurial distributed version-control system. It lets you manage repositories and source files without using a command-line.

Murky runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or later. It's written in Objective-C 2.0. It's released under a BSD license.

Murky screenshot

  • Download latest release (0.8.3)
  • To check out the source code: hg clone https://bitbucket.org/snej/murky/
    Please read the Setup instructions before building Murky the first time!

Mailing List!

The Murky-app mailing list on Google Groups is now ready for you to discuss using and contributing to Murky. We'd love to have you.


  • Create a new repository from an existing folder
  • Clone a remote (or local) repository
  • View the revision history (log) of a repo as a table view, complete with a visual graph showing the inheritance of revisions
  • View the source tree, and the contents of files, from any past revision
  • See which files were changed, added or removed in any revision
  • Compare revisions of files, either visually with FileMerge, or as straight 'diff' output
  • Add or remove files from the local working tree
  • Commit (or revert) changed files
  • Update to a specific revision (past or present)
  • Push to or pull from remote repositories
  • Automatically detects filesystem changes made by other apps (or by the 'hg' tool) and updates the display immediately


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