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MYCrypto / Setup



  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later [has been tested on 10.5.7]
  • or iPhone OS 2.0 or later [not yet tested; see Limitations section below]
  • or iPhone Simulator, for iPhone OS 2.0 or later
  • The MYUtilities library, which is used by MYCrypto.
  • Some understanding of security and cryptography on your part! Even with convenient APIs, cryptographic operations still require care and knowledge to be used safely. There are already too many examples of insecure systems that were incorrectly assembled from secure primitives; don't add your app to that list. Please read a good overview like Practical Cryptography before attempting anything the least bit fancy.

How To Get It

hg clone MYCrypto

How To Build It

With Xcode, of course. But before the first time you build MYCrypto.xcode, you'll need to tell Xcode where the MYUtilities sources are. You do this by setting up a named 'Source Tree':

  1. Open Xcode's Preferences panel
  2. Click the "Source Trees" icon at the top
  3. Click the "+" button to add a new item to the list
  4. Fill in the Setting Name as "MYUtilities", the Display Name also as "MYUtilities", and the Path as the absolute filesystem path to where you downloaded MYUtilities to. Do not use a "~" (tilde) in this path! The compiler won't understand it and will give you errors.

Now you're golden. From now on you can just open MYCrypto.xcode and press the Build button.

(So far, the MYCrypto project doesn't build anything that's useful to you, like a framework ... just a tiny program that runs the unit-tests. You can add the source files to your own projects to use them.)