Jens Alfke avatar Jens Alfke committed 5d437ba

Fixed 10.6 build errors. Tweaked DictObject.

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     Calling this will raise an exception if the object is immutable. */
 @property (readonly) NSMutableDictionary* mutableDictionary;
+@property (readonly) BOOL isMutable;
 /** Makes the object immutable from now on. 
     Any further attempt to set a property value will result in a runtime exception. */
 - (void) makeImmutable;
 - (id) initMutableWithDictionary: (NSDictionary*)dict {
-    Assert(dict);
     self = [super init];
     if (self != nil) {
         _dict = dict ?[dict mutableCopy] :$mdict();
     return self;
+- (id) init {
+    return [self initMutableWithDictionary:nil];
 - (void) dealloc
     [_dict release];
     return [[[self class] allocWithZone: zone] initMutableWithDictionary: _dict];
-@synthesize dictionary=_dict;
+@synthesize dictionary=_dict, isMutable=_mutable;
 - (NSMutableDictionary*) mutableDictionary {
     Assert(_mutable, @"Attempt to access mutable dictionary of immutable instance %@", self);


-@interface NSObject (MYAnimatingSplitViewDelegate)
+@protocol MYAnimatingSplitViewDelegate <NSSplitViewDelegate>
 /** If the delegate implements this method, it will be called when the splitview
     begins and ends live resizing. */
 - (void)splitView: (NSSplitView*)splitView inLiveResize: (BOOL)inLiveResize;


 #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
-@interface UniqueWindowController : NSWindowController
+@interface UniqueWindowController : NSWindowController <NSWindowDelegate>
 + (UniqueWindowController*) instanceWith: (id)model;
 + (UniqueWindowController*) openWith: (id)model;


 + (UniqueWindowController*) instanceWith: (id)model
     for( NSWindow *window in OpenWindowsWithDelegateClass(self) ) {
-        UniqueWindowController *c = window.delegate;
+        UniqueWindowController *c = (id) window.delegate;
         if( [self isModel: c.model equalToModel: model] )
             return c;
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