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MYUtilities / MYAnimatingSplitView.h

//  MYAnimatingSplitView.h
//  MYUtilities
//  Created by Jens Alfke on 7/10/08.
//  Copyright 2008 Jens Alfke. All rights reserved.

#import <AppKit/NSSplitView.h>

@interface MYAnimatingSplitView : NSSplitView
    NSTimeInterval _animationTime;
    BOOL _isLiveResizing;

/** The maximum time it will take to animate the divider. (Actual time depends on distance moved.) */
@property NSTimeInterval animationTime;

/** Pixel position of the divider (in the splitview's bounds' coordinate system.)
    Setting this property animates the divider to the new position. */
@property float dividerPosition;

/** Position of the divider, scaled to the range [0..1]. */
@property float dividerFractionalPosition;

- (void) collapseSubviewAtIndex: (int)index;
- (void) collapseSubviewAtIndex: (int)index animate: (BOOL)animate;

/** Returns YES while the splitview itself is being resized (i.e. while the window
    is resizing, or a parent splitview is moving its divider.) */
@property (readonly) BOOL isLiveResizing;


@protocol MYAnimatingSplitViewDelegate <NSSplitViewDelegate>
/** If the delegate implements this method, it will be called when the splitview
    begins and ends live resizing. */
- (void)splitView: (NSSplitView*)splitView inLiveResize: (BOOL)inLiveResize;