O que é

SNEP is a Soft Free PBX that meet the needs for any size of Business, with features and resources that bring a communication more free, flexible and smart.

Known more about the project: SNEP

Build in a collaborative way

SNEP was build with the collaboration of many developers and users and it have a active community.

A Ecossystem of Opportunities

Choice and foccus on your business market, that the ecossystem will do the rest for you.

More than a Software Project the SNEP proposes to create a business ecosystem that allows the performance of different profiles of collaborators: developers, integrators, manufacturers and users.

How to use

To install and use SNEP you can follow this manual of installation:

To manual installation, from source, use this documentation: Install from source

How to colaborate

Welcome to colaborate with the Project!

There are differents ways, translating, reporting, fixing and implementing.

See here some details how to do that: How to send contributions