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@title Spudcannon

You awake in a poorly lit room with PVC pipe, a broom, duct tape, a half-empty bag of potatoes, some air freshener, and a rake.

[[Make spudcannon]]

[[Make spudcannon]]

{sequence:Open the door:Get on the floor:[[Walk the dinosaur]](Open the door)}

[[Make spudcannon]]

[[Open the door]]:
You try to open the door, but it has sticky stuff on it. You ain't touching that stuff. After two hours of trying to work up the nerve to try again, you get bored and decide to [[make a spudcannon.]](Make spudcannon)

[[Make spudcannon]]:
You make a spudcannon. You think carefully and realize you don't have many more options other than [[opening the door]]. You could also [[fashion a neat scarf]] out of the potato sack.

[[fashion a neat scarf]]:
You make a scarf out of the potato sack. This scarf looks great, but it's really not your color. You'd look much better in a more... 

###You die of starvation after making seven scarves.

People will always remember you as that guy who made some scarves while high on fire ant poison. The Louvre buys two of your scarves for 23 million dollars. Who sold it? The fire ants. Greedy bastards they are.

[[opening the door]]:
As you open the door, light begins to fill your room. You realize that all along you were in the janitor's closet at Syrup.. no, Mapleton... **a** highschool that you've never before seen.

What is this place?

Where am I?

What's wrong with my vision?

What should I do with my spudcannon?

[[Click to continue]](thingy)

After careful consideration, you decide to figure out the (toggle) {rotate problem:spudcannon:amnesia} situation and [[continue]](con1) on.

{if problem=spudcannon:

*This spudcannon defines me from now on,* you thought. *This spudcannon isn't part of my life, this spudcannon is now my life.*

*As you walk the halls,*
*you try to find some targets,*
*and you shoot them up.*

For every open locker, there was a potato on the ground. For every can, there were three. Fix your aim dude. All's fun and games until your sack begins to feel light. You only have three potatos left! Now you'll have to [give up on the spudcannon](giveup), [[pick up your old potatoes]](gobackandcollect), or [[head to the cafeteria]] and see if there's anything to be found there.


*Why am I forgetting everything?*

*Where am I*

*Who am I?*

*I know the answer to all of it! Aha! It was all... wait, what was I thinking about? Lost my train of thought. Oh look, [[a spudcannon!]](thingy)*


One does not simply give up on a spudcannon. Pick another option.

{sequence:One potato.:Two potato..:Three potato...:Four potato....:Five potato.....:Six potato......:Seven potato.......:Eight potato........:Nine potato.........:Ten potato..........:Eleven potato...........:Twelve potato............:Thirteen potato.............:Fourteen potato..............:Fifteen potato...............:Sixteen potato................:Seventeen potato...............:Eighteen potato...............:Nineteen potato...............:Twenty potato...............:Twenty-one potato...............:Twenty-two potato...............:[[Twenty-three potato!]](next)}

*Potatoes retrieved,*
*Time to begin once again,*
*Let's [[shoot all the things]](shootshitup)*

On the way, you find a brand new sack of potatos and a gigantic can on WD-40.

[[head to the cafeteria]]:
You are the one person who chose to go to the cafeteria. You pick up a directory from one of those little pamphlet holder things. *What were those things called anyways?* You find where the cafeteria is located on the map and spend some time walking over there. 

You see a fedora'd man, offering to sell you some "dank kush." You (toggle) {rotate dankkush:accept:decline} his offer and [[continue]](dankcontinuem8).


{if dankkush=accept:
###You become best friends with Le Fedora Man.

You two escape the high school, whilst being in a drunken, stoned state. The police cut both of you some slack, as the power of friendship always prevails.

Moral of the story, kids: It's okay to leave school and do drugs as long as you have a friend to do it with.
The man wonders why else you'd be at a school when nobody else is around. You begin to trade questions.

[Where are we?]

[Who are you?]

[Tell me more about this dank kush...]

[Where are we?]:
"We're at Avery Willington High School."
[Who are you?]:
"I am Le Fedora Man. I sell drugs, and the students of this school are my main demographic."
[Tell me more about this dank kush...]:
"You lost your chance, bud."

"What are you doing here?"

You answer accordingly, you don't know what you're doing and that you woke up in the janitors closet.
"What's your name?"

You tell the man that you think it's Taylor or something else with a 'T.'
"Okay, I'm pretty sure you were just getting high off the ant poison. Have fun with the hangover."

He leaves you. You cry. Breakups are rough, so you pick up the new bag of potatoes and some febreeze to go [[start shooting stuff.]](shootshitup)

You figure that the new potato sack is more than enough to cover around a hundred shots, given you pick up the undamaged ones. 

It's a zombie. You found a zombie. Dear god no... Moving on with the story, should you [[shoot the thing]] or [keep on walking?](keep on walking)

[keep on walking]:
You decide that you should keep on walking, but after a few seconds you realize you'd die in two seconds.

[[shoot the thing]]:
You fire a potato right at the poor walker's chin. His jaw becomes dislocated, but now he's irritated. He yells "Go, go, Power Rangers" and three more come running. The obvious choice in this situation is to stand your ground with the potato firing apparatus. You lose three potatos in the battle of the century, but the seven other ones will be salvagable. *Usually when you picture a dead zombie, you think of there being a lot of blood,* you figure, *It's weird to see none of them having any sort of signs that they're broken.*

You figure that you can either [[escape]](fakeout) or try to find [[how it started]](fakeout). 

But first, you'll need more potatos. Three plausible places you haven't checked are [the gym], the [food truck], and the [outdoors].

[the gym]:
You find nine tennis balls and a ball inflator. You use a can of beans and the ball inflator to create an endless supply of pressurized air. You keep the air freshener because it smells nice.

[food truck]:
The food truck has no uncooked potatos. What the hell? Sure, just prepackage all of it, that'd be delicious. Ew. You eat a hamburger and grab two sodas for the go.

I mean, it's the outdoors. There's a lot of vagueness going on in that request. You check the front of the school and the parking lot. Not much comes out of it other than an understanding of your surroundings.

Now, to (toggle) {rotate decision:run away:investigate} and [[go.]](get on it)

[[get on it]]:
{if decision=run away:
You spend a good amount of time (like, at least an hour) trying to run to the nearest city area possible, you lose twenty-two potatoes in the process. 
###You died of starvation.

Ironic deaths are the best. You had all that food but nothing to cook it with. Ha. Ha. Dumbass.

######In the post-compo version, this won't be the end. Come back in like a month
After three hours of looking around the school, you find a good amount of nothing. The police show up and tell you that it was all a hallucination thanks to the ant poison you inhaled. 

###You get three months in prison due to wandering around a public school naked.

######In the post-compo version, this won't be the end. Come back in like a month
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