BrandiD Coaching Pro Custom CSS Snippets

Created by Jackie D'Elia last modified
/* This is a collection of CSS snippets for Coaching Pro theme by BrandiD.  You can add any of these to the Customizer -> Additional CSS area to adjust styles */

/* how to change text colors in welcome area - target the color scheme selected 1-4 or .coaching-pro-color-scheme-custom */
.coaching-pro-color-scheme-1 .front-page-welcome {
  color: lightgray;

.coaching-pro-color-scheme-1 .front-page-welcome .widget-title {
  color: white;

/* How to remove borders on home page */

.home .front-page-welcome:before {
  border: 0!important;

/* How to remove borders and change background color on home page testimonial section */
.home .front-page-testimonials {
  border: 0;

/* How to change the link color in content areas - target the color scheme selected 1-4 or .coaching-pro-color-scheme-custom */

.coaching-pro-color-scheme-1 a {
  color: red;
  border-color: red;

.coaching-pro-color-scheme-1 a:hover,
.coaching-pro-color-scheme-1 a:focus {
  color: #333;
  border-color: transparent;

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