Data Theorem Frontend / React Engineer

Created by Alban Diquet

Job description

The position is based in Palo Alto, California where you will be joining Data Theorem’s core team of engineers. The work atmosphere will be very relaxed but your work and contributions will have a tremendous and direct impact on the company.

The main responsibility for this position is to work on our customer-facing web portal, which helps mobile application developers understand and fix security and privacy issues found in their mobile Apps by our scanner. You will be working with our lead frontend engineer in order to make the portal better, easier to use, and more useful. The portal is the main customer-facing interface of our product, and the better it is, the more security and privacy issues will get fixed within our customers' mobile applications.

Our backend services are running on Google Cloud (mainly Python on App Engine) and our frontend is written in React. The current iteration of the frontend was started recently from scratch, and therefore leverages a lot of the latest technologies and frameworks including Facebook's flow for static typing, Airbnb’s Enzyme for testing, and full support for hot-reloadable code for rapid development.

Skills & requirements

  • Significant experience building frontend applications using React.
  • Experience with test-driven development and frameworks/technologies to test frontend applications.
  • Strong grasp of functional programming patterns and concepts.
  • Bonus points: experience working on enterprise dashboards.
  • Bonus points: experience with designing user interfaces.

About Data Theorem, Inc.


Data Theorem scans & secures mobile applications. We have built a technology to automatically scan and detect security and privacy issues in mobile Apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). We work with large and small companies within various industries (financial, tech, healthcare, etc.) and help them make their Apps more secure.

Working at Data Theorem

We are a small (~20) team made of engineers only, and are a profitable and highly-technical company with some unique challenges. Every employee has a significant impact on the company's product and direction, and has the opportunity to grow and take ownership of the projects they care about.

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