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Love at First Bark

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"This heartstring-tugger is certain to win fans." —Publishers Weekly STARRED Review for A New Leash on Love Animal portrait painter Mia Chambers and architect Ben Thomas have volunteered at the High Grove Animal Shelter for years, and they share a complicated history. Ben has secretly loved Mia all this time, but she was married to his best friend. Now she's newly widowed, with a young son, and Ben doesn't know how to tell her what's in his heart. All he can do is stay close, help her as much as she'll let him, and watch for the right moment to bare his soul. When a dozen adorable border collies get dumped in St. Louis' biggest park, everyone at the shelter mobilizes for a large-scale rescue. Rushing to the park to round up the frisky collies, Ben and Mia unexpectedly plunge into a new phase of their entangled lives. Who knew that opening their hearts and homes—to animals in need and to each other—would lead to so many upheavals...and new beginnings...? Rescue Me Series: A New Leash on Love (Book 1) Sit, Stay, Love (Book 2) My Forever Home (Book 3) Love at First Bark (Book 4) What People Are Saying About Debbie Burns: "[A] warm, wonderful story."—Romance Junkies for A New Leash on Love "A tender love story...will win the hearts of animal fanciers."—Publishers Weekly for My Forever Home "It captured my whole heart."—Urban Book Reviews for Sit, Stay, Love "Sexy and fun."—RT Book Reviews, 4.5 stars, TOP PICK for A New Leash on Love

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