Henry Huang WITH RECURSIVE SQL examples

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/* for each geometry in the dh_lue table insert its shapepoints into dh_lup table! */
with recursive
     points_per_element(id, numpoints, points) as
     (select id, numgeometries(dissolvepoints(GeomWGS84)), dissolvepoints(GeomWGS84) from clip.dh_lue),
     rows_dh_lup(n, element, x, y) as
     (select 1, id, x(geometryn(points,1)), y(geometryn(points,1))
        from points_per_element
      union all
      select r.n+1,, x(geometryn(p.points,r.n+1)), y(geometryn(p.points,r.n+1))
        from rows_dh_lup r,
             points_per_element p
       where r.element =
         and r.n < p.numpoints)
insert into clip.dh_lup (element, x, y, heightlevel)
select element, cast(x as integer), cast(y as integer), 0
  from rows_dh_lup;

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