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Ellie and the Harpmaker

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A rich, heartwarming and charming debut novel that reminds us that sometimes you find love in the most unexpected places.

Dan Hollis lives a happy, solitary life carving exquisite Celtic harps in his barn in the countryside of the English moors. Here he can be himself, away from social situations that he doesn’t always get right or completely understand.

On the anniversary of her beloved father’s death, Ellie Jacobs takes a walk in the woods and comes across Dan’s barn. She is enchanted by his collection. Dan gives her a harp made of cherrywood to match her cherry socks. He stores it for her, ready for whenever she’d like to take lessons.

Ellie begins visiting Dan almost daily and quickly learns that he isn’t like other people. He makes her sandwiches precisely cut into triangles and repeatedly counts the (seventeen) steps of the wooden staircase to the upstairs practice room. Ellie soon realizes Dan isn’t just different; in many ways, his world is better, and he gives her a fresh perspective on her own life.

    Ellie and the Harpmaker by Hazel Prior ...
    Praise for Ellie and the Harpmaker Ellie and the Harpmaker is uplifting escapism.fresh and sweet, rejuvenated by a set of unusual characters, the raw beauty of England and the musicality of Priors prose.  Priors lyricism feels like a warm song.”—
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    Ellie and the Harpmaker by Hazel Prior  Free eBooks Download. Description: In the rolling hills of beautiful Exmoor, theres a barn. And in that barn, youll find Dan. Hes a maker of exquisite harps  but not a great maker of conversation.
    Ellie and The Harp-Maker by Hazel Prior - free ebooks download
    Ellie the Exmoor Housewife was wearing a woolly hat, green, when she came to the barn this morning. She took it off and her hair crackled with electricity and stuck out sideways. She ran her fingers through it and it calmed down a little and allowed itself to be tucked behind her ears.
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    Ebook [Kindle] Ellie and the Harpmaker [PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE] by Hazel Prior A rich, heartwarming and completely charming debut that reminds us that sometimes, you don't find love--love finds you

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