osimis Running Orthanc with Docker

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To start, use docker-compose up --build -d. To stop, use docker-compose down.

As described in the docker-compose.yml file, Orthanc's HTTP server is reachable via port 80 on the Docker host, and Orthanc's DICOM server is reachable via port 104 on the Docker host.

version: "2"
                build: orthanc
                depends_on: [orthanc-index]
                restart: unless-stopped
                ports: ["104:4242", "80:8042"]
                volumes: ["orthanc-storage:/var/lib/orthanc/db:Z"]
                # to run Orthanc in 'verbose' mode, uncomment the 3 next lines
                # entrypoint:
                #        - Orthanc
                #        - --verbose
                #        - /etc/orthanc/
                image: postgres
                restart: unless-stopped
                volumes: ["orthanc-index:/var/lib/postgresql/data:Z"]
FROM osimis/orthanc:17.6.1
COPY orthanc.json /etc/orthanc/
        "Name": "Foo",
        "DicomAet": "FOO",
        "DicomModalities": {
                "bar": ["BAR", "bar", 104]
        "PostgreSQL": {
                "EnableIndex": true,
                "EnableStorage": false,
                "Host": "orthanc-index",
                "Database": "postgres",
                "Username": "postgres"

Comments (6)

    1. Alain Mazy

      Once you've copied the 3 files to a folder of your own, you're free to modify the orthanc.json file.
      Each time you run docker-compose up -d --build, the new configuration file will be pushed in the container and Orthanc will restart with the new configuration.

  1. Comment deleted
        1. maryjopl

          yes, i did it for orthanc and all plugins. but to many problems with compile osimis-viewer - node.js, ruby etc... i'm doing it on debian buster docker on qnap ts-531p