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#Nästa Resa# ##Privacy Policy##

This Privacy Policy concerns the app Nästa Resa which can be found on iTunes from this link: Nästa Resa

The following data is stored on the devices memory when using the app Nästa Resa:

  • The user’s current favorite stations and the line numbers/names that are being watched.

Reason for storing this data:

  • Being able to show the coming departures from the user’s favorite stations.

How long is this data stored?

  • As long as the user has a specific station as favorite.

How do I remove stored data?

  • Remove a station from your favorite list and it will no longer be stored on your device.
  • When uninstalling the app Nästa Resa, all local data (favorite stations) will be deleted from your device.

Content from a third party

  • When using the app Nästa Resa, data will be fetched from Västtrafik (Link) by using the information stored about your favorite stations. This third party has its own policy and terms.

The app Nästa Resa does not:

  • Make the stored data available to the developer.
  • Store any other data than the user’s favorite stations.
  • Use any third-party libraries.
  • Use any analytics-tools to track user behavior.
  • Share this data with any other part.


  • If you have any questions about this policy, contact me at pontusnt[@]gmail[.]com

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