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Bitbucket ♥️ Unity Cloud Build integration beta

Thanks for trying out the Bitbucket Unity Cloud Build integration beta!

Unity Cloud Build Statuses in Bitbucket


  • Automatically post successful and failed builds from Unity Cloud Build as Bitbucket Build Statuses
  • Automatically create Share links for any created Unity Cloud Build game artifacts and post them as additional Bitbucket Build Statuses
  • Can be enabled for a Bitbucket team, or an individual Bitbucket user account


  1. a Bitbucket Cloud account
  2. at least one Unity Cloud Build Project targeting a Bitbucket repository that you have commit access to


  1. Sign-in to Bitbucket and browse to Find integrations
  2. (optional) To enable the integration for a team, select the dropdown with your name and avatar next to the Settings title in the top left and choose the appropriate team.
  3. Scroll down to Unity Cloud Build and click Add. Find integrations
  4. Click Grant access (see Security and Privacy below for details on how the integration interacts with Bitbucket and Unity Cloud Build)
  5. Once the integration is enabled (this may take a few moments) you will be redirected to the Unity Cloud Build settings page
  6. Enter your Unity Cloud Build API Key and click Save (your API Key is listed at the bottom of your Unity Cloud Build Preferences)

Once the integration is enabled, whenever Unity Cloud Build completes a build of a repository from your Bitbucket account -- or your team's account if you enabled it for a team -- a corresponding build status will be posted against the built commit in Bitbucket. For successful builds, a Unity Cloud Build share link for the game's primary build artifact will be created and posted as an additional build status in Bitbucket.

Note: build statuses will only appear for repositories belonging to users and teams who have enabled Unity Cloud Build integration in Bitbucket. If you manage a Unity organization that uses Unity Cloud Build to build repositories owned by multiple Bitbucket accounts, you should consider enabling the integration for each Bitbucket user and team.


  1. Sign-in to Bitbucket and browse to Manage integrations
  2. Click Unity Cloud Build, then Remove


Security and Privacy

This integration is hosted on AWS in the us-west-2 region (Oregon). It is maintained by Atlassian and implemented using the Atlassian Connect framework.

The integration stores your Bitbucket account name but no other personally identifying information. The integration also stores a Bitbucket shared secret and Unity API key in order to interact with the Bitbucket and Unity Cloud Build APIs.

Bitbucket REST API usage

  • Posts build statuses to your repositories

Unity Cloud Build REST API usage

  • Retrieves your Unity organizations
  • Registers organization webhooks to be notified of build results from your Unity projects
  • Retrieves built Unity project details
  • Creates a share link for the primary build artifact of successful Unity builds
  • Deregisters the organization webhooks on uninstallation

Bugs and other feedback

Please email with any feedback!

You can follow development at

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