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#Downloads books free online Where Death Meets the Devil (English Edition) by L.J. Hayward

Where Death Meets the Devil


##Where Death Meets the Devil

####Where Death Meets the Devil L.J. Hayward ebook

  • Page: 344
  • Format: pdf / epub
  • ISBN: 9781626497177
  • Publisher: Riptide Publishing, LLC

Overview Where Death Meets the Devil by L.J. Hayward Jack Reardon, former SAS soldier and current Australian Meta-State asset, has seen some messy battles. But “messy” takes on a whole new meaning when he finds himself tied to a chair in a torture shack, his cover blown wide open, all thanks to notorious killer-for-hire Ethan Blade. Blade is everything Jack doesn’t believe in: remorseless, detached, lawless. Yet, Jack’s only chance to survive is to strike a bargain with the devil and join forces with Blade. As they trek across a hostile desert, Jack learns that Blade is much more than a dead-eyed killer—and harder to resist than he should be. A year later, Jack is home and finally getting his life on track. Then Ethan Blade reappears and throws it all into chaos once more. It’s impossible to trust the assassin, especially when his presence casts doubts on Jack’s loyalty to his country, but Jack cannot ignore what Blade’s return means: the mess that brought them together is far from over, and Ethan might just bring back the piece of Jack’s soul he thought he’d lost forever.

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