Trello Broker (OBSOLETE)

A BitBucket Broker for interacting with Trello cards based on commit.

[Obsolete] Trello now has official integration with Bitbucket.



  • Board ID
  • User token with read-write access to public and private boards.


  • Reference tr#{cardShortId} in commit message to add commit as a comment to the card.
  • Use Fix/fixes/fixed/close/closes/closed tr#{shortId} in commit message to archive the card (with commit as comment).
  • Can specify a "Done" list ID to move the card to instead of archiving.
  • All use cases will assign the card to the commit author.

More Documentations?

I'm a firm believer in self-documented code instead of long documentation. But in case you wonder how everything works,

See the test cases


Do whatever you want with it.