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File pypy/module/_cffi_backend/

 class W_CDataApplevelOwning(W_CData):
     """This is the abstract base class for classes that are of the app-level
     type '_cffi_backend.CDataOwn'.  These are weakrefable."""
-    _attrs_ = []
+    _attrs_ = ['_lifeline_']    # for weakrefs
     _immutable_ = True
     def _owning_num_bytes(self):

File pypy/module/_cffi_backend/

     def call(self, funcaddr, args_w):
         space =
         raise operationerrfmt(space.w_TypeError,
-                              "cdata '%s' is not callable",
+                              "cdata '%s' is not callable",
 W_CType.typedef = TypeDef(