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Welcome to so5extra's Wiki

This Wiki contains various documentation related to so5extra/so_5_extra libraries collection.

What is so5extra?

so5extra (or so_5_extra in older docs) is a collection of extensions for SObjectizer framework.

so5extra is being developed by stiffstream company.

so5extra is distributed as dual-license product. The GNU Affero GPL v.3 license allows to use so5extra in open-source projects. The commercial license allows to use so5extra in proprietary closed-source projects. Please visit the project page for more details.

Until v.1.3 so5extra was developed on SourceForge. Since v.1.3 the development of so5extra is moved to BitBucket with mirror on GitHub. Previous versions of so5extra can still be found on SourceForge.

so5extra's Documentation

so5extra's documentation is splitted into separate sections, each of them contains the information related to the specific major so5extra's version.

so5extra-1.3 Documentation

Documentation for the previous versions of so5extra can be found in Wiki on SourceForge.