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Welcome to SObjectizer's Wiki

This Wiki contains various documentation related to SObjectizer framework.

What is SObjectizer?

SObjectizer is a framework for building robust multithreaded applications. It is based on async message exchange and uses a mixture high-level abstractions: Actor-Model, Publish-Subscribe and Communicating Sequential Processes.

SObjectizer has a long history: starting as an in-house project inside JSP Intervale and becoming an open-source project in 2006. Until 2013 SObjectizer had been developed inside Intervale, and public releases of full source code in tarballs were uploaded to SourceForge. In 2013 SObjectizer's SVN repository was entirely migrated to SourceForge.

Since 2019 new versions of SObjectizer are being developed on BitBucket with a mirror on GitHub.

At the current time, SObjectizer is being developed by stiffstream company. So if you need commercial support for SObjectizer or want to customize SObjectizer to your specific needs you can ask for it: info at stiffstream dot com.

SObjectizer is distributed under New-BSD license so that it can be used either in open-source or closed-source projects.

SObjectizer's Documentation

SObjectizer's documentation is splitted into separate sections, each of them contains the information related to the specific major SObjectizer's version.

SObjectizer-5.6 Documentation

SObjectizer's related articles in English

SObjectizer's related articles in Russian

Documentation for SObjectizer-5.5 and older versions can be found in the old Wiki on SourceForge.

How Can You Help?

If you like SObjectizer you can help us significantly by one of the following ways:

  • spread information about SObjectizer. SObjectizer is not widely known, especially outside the Russian-speaking part of the Internet. It is because we are developers, but not marketing gurus or PR experts. So if you share some information about SObjectizer via articles, blog-posts, Reddit, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn or some other social media then you greatly help us;
  • tell us about features that you want to see in SObjectizer or that you don't like. SObjectizer already has a lot of features and we don't want to add a new feature nobody asked about. If someone proposes somewhat interesting and potentially useful then we'll try to implement it ASAP. So you can influence the evolution of SObjectizer directly.