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Setup git information for eggplant user

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 import os
 import sys
 from fabric.api import (hide, local, env, execute, abort, lcd, sudo, run, cd, puts, settings as fab_settings,
-                        quiet, prompt, get)
+                        quiet, prompt, get, prefix)
 from fabric.colors import red, green, yellow, cyan
 from fabric.contrib import django as fab_django
 from fabric.contrib.console import confirm
         sudo('useradd eggplant')
         sudo('passwd eggplant')
         sudo('usermod -a -G wheel eggplant')
+        sudo('su -c "git config --global \'eggplant\'" - eggplant')
+        sudo('su -c "git config --global" - eggplant')
-    version='0.6.0',
+    version='0.6.1',
     author='sodas tsai',
     packages=find_packages(exclude=('django_eggplant', 'eggplant_web')),
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