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Ghislain Hachey created an issue

It seems the workbook census contains some additional data that could easily be pulled out of the XML rows and put into the table columns for ease of access.

  • tchYears
  • tchYearsSchool
  • tchInservice
  • tchInserviceYear
  • tchYearStarted

And how to fill those from workbook? FSM/RMI has date of hire.

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  1. Ghislain Hachey reporter

    Modify loadCensusStaff to load some new data directly into TeacherSurvey:

    • Annual_Salary into tchSalary (or tchSalaryCurr?)
    • Date_of_Hire into tchYearStarted (or used for tchYearsSchool?). Scratch this one. Date_of_Hire already goes on TeacherIdentity’s tDatePSAppointed

  2. Ghislain Hachey reporter

    And some additional data that should be easily pulled into TeacherIdentity.

    • ethnicity
    • ethnicity group (race)
    • nationality

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