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Made datetime_t converters const-correct.

To convert a const datetime_t to a FILETIME or a SYSTEMTIME the converter methods must be const.

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 		/** Convert to SYSTEMTIME struct.
-		bool to_systemtime( SYSTEMTIME *sysTime)
+		bool to_systemtime( SYSTEMTIME *sysTime) const
 			int year,month,day,dow,hour,minute,second,ms;
 			if (!datetime_from_oledate_( dt_, &year,  &month, &day, &dow, &hour, &minute, &second, &ms, cmBoth))
 		/** Convert to a \e FILETIME struct.
-		bool to_filetime( FILETIME *filetime)
+		bool to_filetime( FILETIME *filetime) const
 			double val = ((to_double(dt_)  * 24.) + 2620920.)*(36000000000.) ;