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Project: QuadTrack
Authors: Lazar Sumar
         Che Williams
		 Mat Tait (FIX ME)
		 Jack Wu (FIX ME)
Required environment variables OPEN_CV_BIN, OPEN_CV_LIB, OPEN_CV_INCLUDE
Optional environment variable OPEN_CV_SOURCE
Note: Will have to manually register

Required environment variables OPEN_NI_BIN, OPEN_NI_LIB, OPEN_NI_INCLUDE
Note: If you used the installer these will already be there

Drivers for the Kinect.
Required environment variable PRIME_SENSE_BIN
Note: Will have to manually register

To register an environment variable:
Open Control Panel -> System
Open the "Advanced System Settings" (in Vista and 7)
Go to the "Advanced" tab
Click on "Environment Variables" button.
Click "New".
in "Variable name" enter the name (ie OPEN_CV_BIN)
in "Value" enter the path ("C:\...\somewhere\...\somewhere else\...\OpenCV\...\bin")

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