GCC 6.1.0 binary for Raspberry Pi

I've uploaded a GCC 6.1.0 binary for Raspberry Pi, enabled languages C and C++. The compilers should work with all current versions of Pi.

How to use:

  • Extract the archive, it is a .tar file compressed with 7zip, you will need to install p7zip-full on your Raspberry Pi.
  • Copy/move gcc-6.1.0 to /usr/local/gcc-6.1.0
  • Add the above to your path:
export PATH=/usr/local/gcc-6.1.0/bin:$PATH
  • Now, you should be able to use the compilers: gcc-6.1.0 for C and g++-6.1.0 for C++.
  • If you want to permanently add the compilers to your path, append the export to the end of your .profile file.