Xinjiang Shao


The project will take a look at termperature data collected from various rooms in evl over the last six years. My job is to create an interactive visualization and analysis tool to help the user better understand what affects the temperature in evl. This tool will allow the user to decide things such as: how warm to dress for a given day and room, where to place new equipment so rooms and the equipment don't get too hot, how to change the settings for the university heating and cooling, etc.


Project 2 for CS424


This is just a prototype of my undergraduate thesis. The project focuses on using data from various sensors to give recommendations for users. The name of the project came from Azerbaijani which means sense.


简介:Acoustic Fingerprint Server 用于查询和录入phash,以便识别视频文件或者音频文件。


A Simple Network IDS( Intrusion Detection System)