ryanackley committed b475523

Fixed a bug that occured on Windows because of backslashes vs. forward slashes. Also updated the the readme to point to the new google group

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 			if (url.indexOf(routes[i].from) == 0){
 				var path = url.replace(routes[i].from, routes[i].to);
 				if (this.isWin){
-					path = path.replace('/', '\\');
+					path = path.replace(/\//g, '\\');
 				this.projectUrls[path] = url;
 				return path;


 	this.url = url;
 	if (isWin){
 		this.replaceSlashes = function(str){
-			return str.replace('/', '\\');
+			return str.replace(/\//g, '\\');
 This is the source code for the [Tincr Chrome Extension]( The docs are hosted [here](
+Getting Support
+Please seek help on the [Tincr google group](!forum/tincr-for-chrome-devtools). I actively monitor this group. It's better than trying to contact me directly since other people may be experiencing the same problem and I can help everyone at once. 
 Tincr is a chrome extension. You can simply checkout the source code and load it as an unpacked extension in Chrome. This will 
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