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comagick 0.4.1

Comagick (pronounced COM-magic) is an ImageMagick-based language for writing sprite comics.

This repository contains just the Comagick software tools.

To get started using Comagick, follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have the prerequisites installed: Python 3 and Wand.
  2. Download this repository, and place the files comagick and decompose-spritesheet somewhere in your PATH.
  3. Fork comagick-project.
  4. Navigate to the comagick-project directory and run make.
  5. Create a new file at comics/<comicname>.cmg, or open up comics/example.cmg.


decompose-spritesheet sheetname
comagick input.cmg output.png

Comagick is released under AGPLv3+. See LICENSE for more information.