Peeker - A framework for building automated email applications.

Peeker started here at Bitbucket, but recent updates to the code have been made at Github:


Please read the documentation in the docs directory.

Peeker is a wrapper around the IMAP/POP3 extension available in PHP. It helps you avoid learning all the strange things about talking to an email server and concentrate on getting email as objects and properly-decoded attachments onto your filesystem.

Start with the Quick Start in peeker_quickstart.html.

Basic usage: (gmail IMAP, make sure IMAP is enabled in your gmail account)

// class files in peeker directory
// change these lines
// the path to the peeker.php class file
// this can also be a Google Apps email account

// do not change these lines
// this should not change unless you are having problems
$config['service_flags'] = '/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert';

// you can definitely change these lines!
// because your application code goes here
$peeker = new peeker($config);
$cnt = $peeker->get_message_count();
echo $cnt.' message waiting';

// EOF

Advanced PHP developers only: Peeker also has a declarative Event programming architecture (Detector-Callback circuit) and "Traits-like" method layering (a simple Dependency Injection - just drop in a custom class and request the new methods be added to the email objects).