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Issue #1 resolved
Pierre-André Vullioud created an issue

Hi, First, thanks for the plugin and the good work. I have few suggestion.

  1. Remove RainLab.User requirement : you can test if the class exist and apply the code if needed.
  2. Add Recaptcha support : test if the plugin exist and use it
  3. Add an option moderate comments (we should be able to choose in settings). For every new post an email is send to an admin with a direct link to publish it
  4. In the admin : allow to edit a comment
  5. In the admin : add setting to choose where to display the component: Header (default), in blog component or/and in page component

Have a great day Pierre-André

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  1. Alexey Sozonov repo owner


    I will try to add your improvements in the next release! Thank you for feedback!

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