Order of the replies change on page refresh.

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Issue #26 resolved
Manu Saxena created an issue

Steps done 1. Writing comments. writing comment.JPG

  1. Writing 1st reply writing 1 reply.JPG

  2. Writing 2nd reply writing 2nd comment.JPG

  3. On page refresh

after page refresh.JPG

Comments (18)

  1. Manu Saxena reporter

    default components.JPG

    This is what I've done in the file. Other than this, I've not modified anything. In the css file


    .comment-margin{ width: 90%; margin-left: 120px; }

  2. Serkan Bektaş

    This is my local. But you can see this in your local. I didn't anything overwrite to your plugin.

    Put your plugin to rainlab blog post page and write something like these.

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